Candle Crazy!

We absolutely love candles! Who doesn't? They make your space smell amazing and they create a sense of calm and happiness. We always have a candle burning, especially when we have guests at our home - they create a beautiful ambience which makes your home feel cosy which we love! 

There are so many different types of candles on the market. Just with the waxes alone, there are many variations of candles you can choose from. Some popular choices are Soy Wax, Coconut Wax, Beeswax or a blend such as CocoSoy. Different waxes perform in different ways and candle makers will use a wax which works well for them and their customers.

Then we have different fragrance oils - not only the endless options in scents, but also the types of oils used. Essential and natural oils seem to be what most people are drawn to. 

Wicks are another personal choice - 100% cotton wicks are most common, however we're staring to notice a lot of wood wicks being used now. These make a gorgeous crackling noise while burning which some people either love or hate. 

Finally the candle vessel - we love a vessel that can be repurposed after the candle has been used up. Some ways you can repurpose your old candle jars is to have them refilled with another candle, use as a planter, on your desk to hold pens and pencils or even as a place to store your makeup brushes. 

As much as we love candles from big brands, we much prefer to support local businesses. Finding a candlemaker at a weekend market or through Instagram is definitely the best way to go! 

Did you know that we have just launched our very own line of soy wax candles? We have so many wonderful scents to choose from - you can shop them online or if you're local to Melbourne, make your way to Greensborough Plaza and find us on Level 3 (across from Target). We think you're gonna love them!